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Get in touch:
+3110 427 77 20

Most automotive traders closely monitor market developments and are starting to trade internationally more and more. With buying and selling cars internationally comes a whole new territory of administrative and logistic processes that you did not have to worry about when you were only trading locally. SCL Rotterdam is a specialist in international facility and process support for the automotive sector. Our service portfolio includes all you need when it comes to logistics, registrations and more when you buy or sell cars in other countries, and was especially designed to provide maximum carefree service at minimal cost. You save time to focus on what really matters: maximizing your profits.

A facilitary support package by SCL Rotterdam is custom made in consultation with the client to perfectly fit your specific requirements. Possibilities include:

  • Pickup and delivery transport
  • Visual car inspections with photos
  • Storage
  • Dutch (NL) of German (DE) license plate registrations
  • Adapting vehicle lighting and software
  • Installation of accessories and in-car entertainment
  • Restyling and cosmetic repair
  • Polishing and interior cleaning
  • Export processing and tax-refunding (BPM)
  • Full support for administrative and operational processes

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options for your business or take a look at our business subjects for more information.