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A life long dream for many people: owning and driving a true classic automobile. To find exactly the right model you are looking for at the right price, many people look across borders. Not without reason: importing an oldtimer from another country can be very interesting.

Importing a classic car from USA

Are you planning to import an oldtimer from the United States? If the classic of your dreams is originally from the USA the benefits on price and availability become clear quickly:

  • The American classic car market is enormous thanks to its rich car history
  • Find models or versions which are hard to find or even unavailable in Europe
  • Thanks to a warmer climate in some states the classics have less rust and a better condition

If you are just starting to search for the oldtimer import of your dreams the following website can prove a good starting point:


Importing an oldtimer from Europe

Europe also has a rich collection of beautiful classic car models for sale in the international market. Most often you will find the highest availibility at the best prices for your specific brand in the country where the model was manufactured. But big countries like Germany or France also have an enormous oldtimer market. When it comes to importing a classic car from another European country, note the following:

  • The European market has an anormous classic car market
  • You will not pay any import duties and VAT when buying from another EU-country
  • Classics from countries with a warmer climate often have less rust

Pre-purchase vehicle inspectionPrevent a bad buy: pre-purchase inspection

Unfortunately, not everyone has the option of travelling to The United States to inspect and buy a vehicle on site. Especially when it comes to classic cars with their old age and possibly hidden defects it is crucial that you buy carefully. Fortunately, SCL has a network of specialist technicians who can inspect your oldtimer's condition thoroughly before making the final purchase. We can usually have a technician at the seller's location throughout the USA within 72 hours. The pre-purchase vehicle inspection consists of the following elements:

  • An extensive photo collection (about 50 pictures) of the classic car and any damages or defects
  • A thoroughly prepared 12-page inspection report
  • Full vehicle inspection for damages
  • The classic car's technical condition will be assessed and described in the inspection report
  • If the oldtimer is in driving condition, the technician will take it for a testdrive to check driving behaviour

Quality of the classic cars for sale worldwide greatly differs and defects often do not show on the seller's pictures. The technical inspection will in most cases pay for itself: the honest and thorough assessment of the classic's condition greatly improves your bargaining position if you decide to purchase.

A local vehicle inspection before you purchase prevents a possible bad buy and improves your bargaining position.

Use a secure payment method (USA)

Paying a large amount of money for an international vehicle purchase can be risky. You are doing business with an unknown international seller and not everyone can simply travel to the United States to finalize the transaction. Make sure you don't get scammed and choose a safe and secure payment method. 

We recommend never using anonymous payment methods like Paypal or Western Union for large overseas transactions.

We offer our Safe Payment Service for USA purchases in combination with local transport to the port. Whenever you are dealing with an unknown seller we highly recommend this fully safe payment construction. Our local transport company pays the seller only when the car is physically being picked up. This way, you never have to worry about wether or not the seller actually delivers your purchase after transferring the money.

SCL's Safe Payment Service protects you from possible international scams and ensures a safe transaction.