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Get in touch:
+3110 427 77 20

Automotive & Workshop servicesBesides a wide variety of logistics services SCL Rotterdam also offers registration and technical services related to Automotive and Workshop. Using our in-house garage, workshop for restyling and cosmetic repair and a specialist Automotive registrations department we offer full all-in-one service to get your car(s) ready to hit the road. Thanks to our integrated approach and local facilities, you benefit from more speed in the process and very interesting combination discounts.

  • All logistics and automotive services combined under one roof
  • Integrated solutions for optimal speed and cost
  • Delivered at your door ready to drive or sell

Automotive & Workshop servicesRead more about...

NL license plates

BPM calculation and filing

German (KFZ) registration

Adapting to EU standards

Repairs for Technical Approval

Restyling and reconditioning

Installation of accessories