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Get in touch:
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Whether you are fulfilling a life long dream or simply trying to save money - importing a car from the United States of America can be worth your while. With the help of SCL Rotterdam, importing a vehicle is easier and safer than you might think!

Why import a car from the U.S.A.?

  • Depending on the model of your choice, you can save a lot of money
  • The American market is enormous - more cars, more choice
  • Find models that are not available in your own country or Europe
  • Less rust and generally better condition thanks to the warmer climate

Searching for cars on the Internet

American car search engines:

cars.comautotrader.comebay motors

Canadian car search engines:

Autotrader.caUsed Cars Canada

Prevent a bad buy: pre-purchase inspection

Vehicle inspections across the United StatesIt might sound logical, but you wouldn't buy a car in your own country without having seen it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the option of travelling to The United States to inspect and buy a vehicle on site. Fortunately, SCL has a network of specialist technicians who can inspect your car's condition thoroughly before making the final purchase. We can usually have a technician at the seller's location throughout the USA within 72 hours. The pre-purchase vehicle inspection consists of the following elements:

  • An extensive photo collection (about 50 pictures) of the car and any damages or defects
  • A thoroughly prepared 12-page inspection report
  • Full vehicle inspection for damages
  • The car's technical condition will be assessed and described in the inspection report
  • If the car is in driving condition, the technician will take it for a testdrive to check driving behaviour

The technical inspection will in most cases pay for itself: the honest and thorough assessment of the vehicle's condition greatly improves your bargaining position if you decide to purchase.

Use a secure payment method

Thanks to the Internet it has become very easy to search and buy cars or motorcycles all over the world. Payment however can remain a tricky obstacle as in many cases you do not meet the international seller in person.

To make sure the purchase and payment will go as planned, SCL Rotterdam is glad to assist you with a payment service: You can transfer the purchase amount to our partner company in the United States in advance who will then complete the payment for you. Prior to payment a background check will be executed. It will be investigated whether the vehicle is notified as stolen, whether the proper documentation is available and whether the vehicle is free from any liens. By doing so you avoid unpleasant surprises and are ensured the seller will be paid properly.

Never transfer money to a foreign seller if you have any doubts and never use anonymous payment methods like Paypal or Western Union for large overseas transactions.

Tips and advice for car import from USA

  • used cars from 1 of the states with a warmer climate often have less rust
  • a pre-purchase local inspection by a professional offers more certainty and a better bargaining position
  • make sure you finalize your purchase using a secure payment method like our Safe Payment Service - choose safety!