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The final step to get your 'new' oldtimer on the road is arranging local registration with the Traffic Office, such as a Dutch NL or German DE license plates.

Technical adaptations to European regulations

An imported classic car from the U.S. or other non-European countries often doesn't conform to European technical and safety vehicle regulations. To obtain a European Approval for the car, certain adjustments or customizations have to be made. Most of the time this only concerns small technical changes to the vehicles lighting. SCL Rotterdam has a modern and especially equipped workshop to handle vehicle customizations to European standards. With our custom developed but professional methods we can perform the adaptations quickly and very cost efficient.  When working on classic cars, we pay special attention to preserve authenticity. If any work needs to be done that might affect the original character of your classic car this will only be done after discussing it with the owner. Of course all original parts can be saved in case you want to re-install them at a later time.

Professional technical customizations at affordable rates while preserving authenticity, performed in our own garage by experienced mechanics.

SCL Rotterdam Dutch or German license plates

As soon as your classic car imported from the USA, Canada or other countries outside Europe has been adapted to EU vehicle regulations it is time to get an official technical approval from the Dutch or German Traffic Office. The inspector will verify if the import vehicle conforms to safety regulations and local vehicle legislation. SCL Rotterdam can assist you with both NL or DE license plates, depending on your oldtimer's final country of destination.

SCL Rotterdam only works with official Dutch and German institutes to get your vehicle approved.

BPM-filing (NL license plates only)

Before the Dutch Traffic Office (RDW) can issue license plates the BPM (vehicle tax) will have to be calculated and filed. When it comes to classic automobiles this is nothing but a formality; no remaining BPM will need to be paid because of the vehicle's age.

When importing a classic car into Holland no BPM has to be paid. Because of the vehicle's age any remaining vehicle tax will be fully depreciated.

Additional services

SCL's services go beyond shipping and license plate registrations. While your oldtimer is being registered for license plates we can take care of the following services:

Installation of certified car alarm systems

Many insurance companies require a certified alarm system or immobilizer to be installed into classic cars to reduce the chance of theft of your valuable classic. SCL Rotterdam can take care of this while your car is in the process of being registered for license plates. Your classic simply remains safely in our own warehouse while the alarm technician installs your certified alarm system or immobilizer. After delivery of the oldtimer you will receive the official certificate which has been registered directly on your new license plate number.

Cleaning and polishing

Your imported classic car has travelled quite a journey and generally does not look the way it did on the seller's pictures. Would you like to be able to enjoy immediately how beautiful your classic dreamcar can look? From a simple wash to full polishing and interior cleaning, we are happy to help. And your classic never leaves our warehouse!

Delivery transport to your front door

Delivery road transport throughout Europe

No time or possibility to come and pick up your oldtimer at our warehouse in Schiedam? No problem at all, we can assist with delivering your vehicle at your front door anywhere throughout Europe. Thanks to our good connections with reliable and professional transport companies your car will be delivered quickly at affordable rates. 

Why use SCL for classic car import?

  • Years of experience importing classic cars worldwide
  • Save money by only using the services you need 
  • Purchase assistance for inexperienced buyers
  • Safe and dry storage in our own warehouse for unloading
  • Professional and experienced multi-disciplinary team
  • Adapting to EU standards in our own garage maintaining authenticity

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