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Importing cars from European countriesSCL Rotterdam's services are highly suitable when it comes to importing cars from (other) European countries. We help many companies to turn their European purchases into succesful sales using our professional and efficient solutions. You can determine yourself which parts of the process you want perform yourself and what you prefer to outsource to SCL. This ensures an optimal import process for all your vehicles at the lowest possible cost.

Why choose SCL Rotterdam?

  • One partner for both European transport and (license plate) registrations
  • All services performed under the same roof
  • The lowest possible BPM (Dutch Vehicle Tax) using the most beneficial calculation methods
  • Custom made solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Competitive rates and discounts for returning clients

Transport and import cars from EU-countriesSCL Rotterdam Transport

SCL Rotterdam's extended European network ensure you benefit from professional road transport at the lowest rates. We can offer transport using both open and closed trailers, depending on your needs and the country of departure. Are you buying cars from European coastal areas of islands? For these routes it if often cheaper to choose transport overseas using our container or Ro-Ro services. Overseas car transport is one of SCL's core activities and is possible from and to multiple European ports at competitive rates.

  • Vehicle road transport using open or closed trailers
  • Car shipping overseas in container or by Ro-Ro
  • Possible for various ports throughout Europe
  • Competitive rates

License registrations

Unlike vehicles imported from the USA, most imported European vehicles do not need adaptations to meet local vehicle regulations and legislation. Naturally, all vehicles do have to pass technical safety tests (APK) in their country of registration and any local vehicle taxes need to be paid. SCL Rotterdam can take care of the entire process of registration and technical approval process for both single cars as well as larger batch volumes. For Dutch registrations, this also includes calculating and handling any remaining BPM (Dutch Vehicle Tax) when we register for Dutch NL license plates.

  • Quick vehicle registrations directly after transport
  • Both NL (Dutch) and DE (German) license plate registrations
  • Lowest possible Vehicle Tax for car imports into Holland

Additional services

As soon as the imported vehicles have safely arrived at your destination, you want to proceed with sales as soon as possible. Would you like to improve your chances of quick and profitable sales by making the cars more appealing to potential buyers? SCL Rotterdam can assist with a variety of services at our facilities in The Netherlands to make your import sales even more interesting:

  • Getting your cars ready for the showroom including restyling and cosmetic repairs
  • Installation of accessories (alarm system, navigation units, tow bar) all in our own workshop
  • Your import cars delivered at your door ready to sell

Your contacts

Interested in how we can help you to import your vehicles from European countries and make your international trade a profitable success? To provide you with the right information and to get to know the best team for the job, please contact:

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