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Get in touch:
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Moving your car to Holland or EuropeAre you moving (back) from the United States or non-European country to The Netherlands or another European country? It can be very beneficial to relocate your car, motorcycle or any other vehicle along with you. If your situation meets a few conditions you can use the 'Exemption Permit for Removal Goods'. This means you will not have to pay any VAT, import duties and BPM for your imported vehicle which saves you a considerable amount of money.

Information about moving to Europe with your car

The following pages provide more information about moving to The Netherlands or Europe taking your car with you, and how SCL Rotterdam can assist.

1. Shipping and transport

2. Customs exemption for moving vehicles as household goods

3. Dutch (NL) or German (DE) license plates

4. Request a free quote

Benefits of SCL Rotterdam for car relocations

  • Years of experience with the international relocation of vehicles
  • Save money by only using the services you need
  • We use our own warehouse for unloading and storage
  • Professional and experienced multi-disciplinary team
  • Adapting to EU standards in our in-house garage