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Get in touch:
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Importing cars from outside EuropeDoes your business import cars or other vehicles from the USA, Canada or other countries outside Europe? Are you looking for a professional and trustworthy partner to facilitate your car import process? SCL Rotterdam is helping many different automotive business clients with professional support for car import. Read more about our services below or contact us to find out how we can be of service to your business.

Why would u choose us?

  • Full A-Z service provider for vehicle logistics and registrations
  • All services performed under the same roof
  • Specialist team with years of car import experience
  • Custom made solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Competitive rates and discounts for returning clients

Purchase assistance in the US

If you don't have the option of travelling to The United States to inspect and buy your vehicle on site, SCL Rotterdam can assist you with our buying services. This ensures a safe and secure overseas transaction, helping you to prevent a bad buy. 

Pre-purchase technical inspection

SCL has a network of specialist technicians who can inspect your car's condition thoroughly before making the final purchase. We can usually have a technician at the seller's location throughout the USA within 72 hours. The technical inspection will in most cases pay for itself: the honest and thorough assessment of the vehicle's condition greatly improves your bargaining position if you decide to purchase.

Safe and secure payment

We offer our escrow service for USA purchases in combination with local transport to the port. Whenever you are dealing with an unknown seller we highly recommend this fully safe payment construction. Our local transport company pays the seller only when the car is physically being picked up. This way, you never have to worry about wether or not the seller actually delivers your purchase after transferring the money.

Shipping cars to Europe overseasTransport, shipping and loading/unloading

SCL Rotterdam can take care of the full logistic side of your car import to Europe. Professional vehicle transport taken well care of without you having to worry about it. Our transport and shipping services include:

  • Pickup transport throughout the United States
  • Professional loading and unloading of cars and other vehicles
  • Overseas shipping of your vehicles using container or Ro-Ro methods
  • Transport insurance for the full route from A to B

Customs, import duties and VAT

SCL Rotterdam has become a true Customs specialist through years of experience with the export, import and registration of cars, motorcycles, classic and other vehicles. We can advise you upfront on possible difficulties, which documents we will need and any additional actions to follow. Using our expertise avoids and prevents problems and delays without you having to become a Customs' expert yourself.

European type approvals and license plates

As soon as your imported vehicles have reached their destination port in The Netherlands, we can continue arrangements to provide your vehicles with a European Type Approval / German KFZ-Letter and Dutch (NL) license plates if needed. We can also handle any adaptations to local and European vehicle regulations that may be required in our own workshop located inside our warehousing facilities in Schiedam.

  • Adaptations to European vehicle regulations performed in our own workshop at competitive rates
  • European Type Approvals for easy local registration in other EU-countries
  • Registering on Dutch (NL) license plates for local clients
  • The lowest possible BPM (Dutch Vehicle Tax) using the most beneficial calculation methods
  • Installation of accessories (alarm system, navigation, tow bar) all in our own workshop

Your contacts

Interested in how we can help you to import your vehicles from the USA, Canada or other non-European countries? To provide you with the right information and to get to know the best team for the job, please contact:

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