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Get in touch:
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You have finalized your overseas purchase; your classic car is ready to be transported. SCL Rotterdam can assist you with the full logistics side of getting your vehicle to its new home, from picking it up from the seller to door delivery transport. Both internationally and in Europe.

Picking up your oldtimer

Throughout the United states and in Europe we can have your oldtimer picked up and deliver it to the port of departure or directly to our warehouse in Schiedam.

Make sure you inform us if your vehicle is not in driving or even rolling condition. Transport for such (damaged) vehicles often causes additional charges.

Do you prefer delivering the car to one of our (departure) warehouses yourself? No problem at all. Upon arrival in our warehouse a full inspection report will be made along with pictures of the car. After inspection, your classic car is stored safely. 

We only offer road transport in combination with one of our other services (shipping overseas, license plate registration). 

Shipping your oldtimer in a container

As soon as we receive the required documents and all Customs documentation has been handled your classic car will be loaded and exported as soon as possible. Your oldtimer will be profesionally loaded into a container and braced for shipping. Depending on which shipping service you select, your classic will be loaded alone or together with other vehicles in a container or driven onto a ship especially designed for vehicle transport (Ro-Ro).

Ship your car overseas with container shippingShipping (outside of Europe)

SCL Rotterdam has shipped thousands of classic automobiles and motorcycles from and to the United States / Canada and Europe. We mostly ship from specific ports such as Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Rotterdam, but many other ports are also available.

We offer a variety of service levels when it comes to shipping your classic car overseas. Do you want it done as cheap as possible, as fast as we can or is safety the most important factor? Whatever your wishes are, we can offer you a service level that suits your needs:

Economic Class

This package offers consolidation-based vehicle shipping. Your classic car or motorcycle will be shipped in a container together with other vehicles. All cargo is loaded professionally and is secured and locked down firmly for safety. The shipper decides how the vehicles and with how many they will be shipped in the container.

The most price efficient option, featuring good quality at the lowest rate. Highly suitable for regular classics, motorcycles and damage vehicles.

Business Class

Choosing our Business Class package ensures your vehicle is shipped with no more than two other cars in a container. Your Business Class vehicle is shipped on the container's floor and no vehicle is loaded above it. This enables you to control how your vehicle is loaded which results in a safer way of shipping.

Additional control and safety for the best price? Select our Business Class.

Royal Class

This package is equal to Business Class, with one essential difference: a maximum of 2 cars will be shipped per container. This is especially interesting for newer or more expensive vehicles, because both vehicles will always be loaded and strapped down on the container floor. This is a safer way to ship vehicles.

For when quality and safety have high priority. The right choice for expensive or special classics.

Special Class

Are you particularly cautious when it comes to your classic car? We also offer you the option of shipping the vehicle separately in a container. As soon as the vehicle has arrived in our warehouse, a small (20ft.) container is booked especially for your shipment. Your oldtimer will be loaded into its container immediately and shipped to the port of your choice on the first available ship.

When quality, speed and security have priority over price. Perfect shipping for exclusive and rare classic cars, or when you are on a tight schedule.

Roll on-Roll off

Using the Roll on-Roll off (Ro-Ro) method, your car is transported overseas on a ship which was especially designed to carry vehicles. Ro-Ro shipments are available on many routes worldwide, but it is unfortunately not possible for all ports to accomodate the Ro-Ro vessels. That's why we use Ro-Ro primarily for export shipments from The Netherlands to various countries across the world. This shipping method is also highly suitable to transport vehicles that are too large to ship in a container, like campers and motorhomes.

Also suitable for over-sized vehicles such a campers, RV's and motorhomes.

Transport insurance

If you ship your car overseas using our services, we offer several insurance options:

All-Risk insurance

All damages that have been caused during transport and shipping by fire, theft or other causes will be covered. The insurance coverage includes obvious scratches, dents and other damages.

Total-Loss insurance

This policy only covers Total Loss damages that have been caused by transport. For example, this is the case if your vehicle's container falls overboard or is damaged in such a way that the vehicle is declared total-loss by a damage expert. Any other damage caused by transport like scratches or dents will not be covered.

General Average: a principle that as old as shipping itself. This arrangement means that if additional costs have to be made to (partially) save the ship and its load in case of emergency, these costs will be spread proportionately across all shippers that have cargo on the ship. This is also applicable if your own cargo has not suffered any damage at all. The client is always considered to be the shipper and will be held accountable in the case that General Average is declared. Having an insurance policy would save you a significant amount of money if this happens.

Unloading the vehicle

Once the container ship has arrived at its destination and your container has been unloaded, SCL Rotterdam arranges road transport for the container to our warehouse. Here our professional team take over and retrieve all vehicles carefully from the container. Each vehicle is inspected thoroughly once more as soon as it has been unloaded. Several photographs will be made and comments will be noted. After this, your newly imported classic car is stored safely and dry in one of our warehouses.