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Get in touch:
+3110 427 77 20

SCL Rotterdam has been a true specialist in shipping of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in containers since 2007. Unlike Ro-Ro shipping, which only certain ports can facilitate, cars in containers can be shipped from and to virtually every port in the world and is available in various price levels. Your wishes will mostlikely depend on the kind of vehicle you want to ship: a damaged vehicle or restoration project has to be shipped as cheap as possible, but for a brand new and expensive car you will probably have other priorities. Whatever your wishes: we can offer you a package-deal that suits your needs. And of course, always at competitive prices. 

Economic Class

This package offers consolidation-based vehicle shipping. The car / bike will be shipped in a container together with other vehicles. All cargo is loaded professionally and is secured and locked down firmly for safety. The shipper decides how the vehicles and with how many they will be shipped in the container.

The most price efficient option, featuring good quality at the lowest rate. Highly suitable for normal used cars, motorcycles and damage vehicles.

Business Class

Choosing our Business Class package ensures your vehicle is shipped with no more than two other cars in a container. Your Business Class vehicle is shipped on the container's floor and no vehicle is loaded above it. This enables you to control how your vehicle is loaded which results in a safer way of shipping.

Additional control and safety for the best price? Select our Business Class.

Royal Class

This package is equal to Business Class, with one essential difference: a maximum of 2 cars will be shipped per container. This is especially interesting for newer or more expensive vehicles, because both vehicles will always be loaded and strapped down on the container floor. This is a safer way to ship vehicles.

For when quality and safety have high priority. The right choice for new, expensive of special cars and classics. 

Special Class

Are you particularly cautious when it comes to your car? We also offer you the option of shipping your vehicle separately in a container. As soon as the car has arrived in our warehouse, a small (20ft.) container is booked especially for your shipment. Your vehicle will be loaded into its container immediately and shipped to the port of your choice on the first available ship.

When quality, speed and security have priority over price. Perfect shipping for exclusive and rare vehicles, or when you are on a tight schedule.

Benefits of container car shipping using SCL

  • Multiple service levels to fit your requirements perfectly
  • Container car shipping is available worldwide
  • Also available for damaged and non-driving vehicles
  • Shipping goods in or together with the vehicle is possible