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SCL Rotterdam has developed into a true Customs expert over the years when it comes to import and export of cars and other vehicles. To avoid delays or unnecessary issues we work together with our customers to make sure everything is in order. Please read below which documents and details we need to make sure your Customs processing is smooth and quick.

Required documents to ship your car

Before we can load and ship your vehicle in the U.S. we require the following documents:

  • Original Title Certificate
  • Bill of Sale
  • Passport
  • Power of Attorney (specific ports only)

For shipments from Canada a copy of the Title Certificate will suffice. For USA shipments, Customs require the original Title. We can assist with creating a POA for USA shipments.

Arrival in the Netherlands or Europe

As soon as your container has been unloaded from the ship, SCL Rotterdam will take care of the correct documentation at Dutch Customs and will arrange the release of your container at the shipping company. As soon as the container has been unloaded at our warehouse we can start the release procedures with Customs. To proceed with the Customs handling we will need the following documents:

  • Direct Representation (an official form which authorizes SCL to represent you at Customs)
  • Bill of Sale
  • A copy of the original Title Certificate
  • VAT-number (only if you would like to clear the vehicle in the name of your company)
  • Customs Exemption (for import duties, VAT and BPM: only if your are relocating your vehicle as a part of your household goods when you are moving to Europe)

The above mentioned documents will generally suffice to get your vehicle released by Customs without any issues. Before Customs will release the vehicle(s) any import duties and taxes will need to be paid.

Import duties and VAT on import

To get your car into free traffic after arrival in The Netherlands you will need to pay any import duties and VAT for your vehicle to Customs. For the import of a regular car from the United States, you will pay 10% duties calculated over the purchase price combined with transport cost (including charges for unloading and Customs clearance). For a motorcycle, this percentage is 6%. On top of that, you will be charged 21% VAT over the sum of the purchase price, transport cost and import duties. When you import a classic car or a vehicle as part of relocating your household goods other percentages and possible exemptions apply. The schematic below easily identifies which percentages apply to your specific vehicle:

Tax and duties overview of car import into The Netherlands