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Get in touch:
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Support for international car relocationsMany people from all over the world relocate their homes and family to Europe to boost their careers or seize job opportunities. What most expats and immigrants don't know is that they can significantly profit from tax benefits when they bring their car(s) or other vehicles with them as a part of their moving goods. International relocation companies often lack the expertise to safely load the vehicle to ship overseas and are not aware of the correct procedures to import a vehicle into Europe and get it registered on local license plates. SCL Rotterdam can assist relocation service companies with vehicle shipping, exemptions, adaptations to local vehicle regulation and even registering for Dutch (NL) or German (DE) license plates.

Benefits of using SCL Rotterdam

  • No worries about a safe and professional vehicle shipment
  • Added value and service for your relocating customer: registering for license plates
  • You customer does not have to visit our office
  • 100% guarantee for obtaining Dutch (NL) license plates

Specialist car shipping in containers or Ro-RoShipping, loading and unloading

Being a moving company, we don't have to tell you about the logistic processes needed to internationally relocate your customer's household goods. But shipping a car or other vehicle often requires specialist knowledge with which you have little or no experience. Avoid taking any chances: offer your customer a professional and safe car shipment using the help of SCL Rotterdam. We have shipped thousands of vehicles in the past few years of which many for expats and immigrants. We are here to assist you and your customer with:

  • Car shipping in (consolidated) container or by Ro-Ro
  • Professional vehicle loading and unloading, in combination with goods if needed
  • Requesting Customs exemption to import the car(s) as part of household goods

Dutch (NL) or German (DE) license plates registration

NL license plates for international moversA very interesting service to offer your international customer when they are moving their car(s) with them to Europe: registering the cars for Dutch license plates or German KFZ-brief. SCL Rotterdam is happy to take care of this without you or your customer needing to worry about it. We can offer you the following services:

  • Pickup transport from your (warehouse) location
  • Technical adaptations to the vehicle to conform to European regulations
  • Registering for Dutch of German license plates
  • For Dutch registrations: full handling of BPM tax declaration
  • Installation of alarm systems, navigation units or other accessories
  • Delivery transport back to your warehouse or directly to your customer's address

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