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Moving to Europe? Don't forget to bring your car. Are you moving from the United States or another non-European* country to The Netherlands or another European country? You can save money by moving your car(s), motorcycle(s) or any other vehicle(s) along as a part of your household goods. Dutch Customs allows a full exemption on import duties, VAT and BPM (Dutch Vehicle Tax) if you qualify for the 'Exemption Permit for Removal Goods'. On average this saves you thousands of dollars compared to buying a similar vehicle in your new country. 

* If you are moving to The Netherlands from another EU-country you may still benefit from a BPM-exemption

No import duties
No BPM (The Netherlands only)

Can you benefit?

Dutch Customs has set some ground rules to determine if you qualify for the exemption permit:

  • You are moving to the Netherlands or another EU-country from a non EU-country.
  • You are able to prove that you have lived outside the European Union for at least 12 consecutive months.
  • You have had the goods in possession and in use for at least 6 months.
  • You have been using the goods as a part of your household goods and you will be using them as such again.
  • You import the goods within 12 months after relocating.
  • You will not lend, hire, pawn or sell the goods within 12 months after import.

To prove you meet the above conditions, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of residence in the Netherlands or other EU-country (citizenship registration, rental agreement, employment contract or otherwise)
  • A copy of the vehicle's Bill of Sale
  • A copy of the vehicle's Title Certificate

Dutch Customs decides if you meet all requirements to receive the exemption permit. They can perform checks to verify your eligibility even after import.

How can SCL Rotterdam be of assistance?

SCL Rotterdam is your one-stop-shop when it comes to international vehicle movements. Not only can we fully handle both local and overseas transport of your vehicle(s), we also have everything in-house to get your car registered and ready to drive.

  • We transport and ship your vehicle(s) from your old to your new doorstep
  • We handle all regulations and paperwork at Dutch Customs
  • We adapt your vehicle's lighting to European standard in our in-house garage
  • We register your vehicle for Dutch or German license plates

Although the international relocation of your car(s) may seem like a complicated process, we try to make it easy by offering our ready made services. The only thing you need to take care of is making sure we have all correct information and required documents - we handle everything else from door to door.

Benefits of SCL Rotterdam for car relocations

  • Years of experience on moving vehicles around the world
  • All services you need taken care of by one company
  • We use our own warehouse for unloading and storage
  • Professional and experienced multi-disciplinary team
  • Adapting to EU standards in our in-house garage

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