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Import a Mitsubishi?

Have SCL import a Mitsubishi at an affordable price.

Customers rate SCL Rotterdam with a 9.2

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Import a Mitsubishi?

Have SCL import a Mitsubishi at an affordable price.

Customers rate SCL Rotterdam with a 9.2

Import your Mitsubishi into the Netherlands quickly? The full service provided by SCL Rotterdam ensures everything is arranged from A to Z. Ranging from export and shipping to import and customs clearance. We also provide purchase assistance if you want to buy the car abroad. As Mitsubishi importer, we provide assistance in import from Japan and the UK. Models like the OutlanderPhev, Evo, Eclipse and the ASX. SCL arranges safe transport by sea, the VRT declaration and a Dutch license platelicense plate.

Advantages SCL Rotterdam for Mitsubishi import

  • Customized full service;

  • Long term experience with import from abroad;

  • Professional purchase guidance;

  • Our own depots for unloading and storage;

  • Modification in SCL workshop;

  • Personalized advice by specialists.

Costs importing Mitsubishi

Request a free quote without obligation, and we will quickly send you an overview of the costs for import. The costs are calculated based on your requirements and based on the SCL-services you choose. For example, you can only have the Mitsubishi shipped, but you can also choose to have SCL arrange the entire customs clearance. Your car can also be delivered at the desired location. Request a free offer and we will offer you a competitive price.

Container transport or Ro-Ro transport by sea

The Mitsubishi is shipped to the Netherlands by sea. The duration of the journey depends on where the vehicle is coming from. There are two options for shipping the vehicle. By container transport or Roll on-Roll off transport (Ro-Ro). With Ro-Ro transport, the car is placed on a ship deck especially intended for car transport. This ship only transports vehicles. Container transport is the most affordable option.

Correct import into the Netherlands

When you leave the entire import procedure to SCL, everything is handled correctly with customs. We arrange the VRT declaration and calculate it in advance. We do this using an accepted calculation method, keeping the VRT as low as possible. We also request a European Certificate of Conformity for the imported Mitsubishi. This will assist in the inspection by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, providing more certainty in the approval of the car. SCL can modify the car to Dutch standards and immediately place a Dutch license plate.

Contact import specialist

Do you have questions about importing a Mitsubishi? The specialists of SCL Rotterdam gladly provide expert assistance and tips. We will tell you what is needed to ship the car and we will inform you about the import procedure. Benefit from competitive prices with our custom solutions and have the Mitsubishi delivered to the desired location quickly. Feel free to call us or send us a message in the contact form.


Step 1: Decide how we are able to help you

SCL specializes in arranging vehicle import. You are able to decide which services to use. Request a free quote to receive an offer and let us know how we are able to support you.

Step 2: Receive a free quote

Providing us with as much information as possible will enable us to calculate the price for shipping your vehicle as specifically as possible. The offer we will send you is entirely free of obligations

Step 3: Expert shipping

Transporting and shipping vehicles require expertise and experience. SCL Rotterdam is part of a worldwide network, offering both container shipments and Ro-Ro shipments. SCL also specializes in customs clearance and ensures your vehicle is delivered swiftly.


SCL moved my car from the USA to Rotterdam and has arranged all matters perfectly, the car arrived in the Netherlands as own estate.
Great service, always considerate and observant resulting in a fast and correctly priced import procedure.

Clients rate SCL Rotterdam with a 9.4

How much does it cost to import your Mitsubishi?