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Import a Mercedes Benz?

Have SCL import a Mercedes Benz at an affordable price.

Customers rate SCL Rotterdam with a 9.2

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Import a Mercedes Benz?

Have SCL import a Mercedes Benz at an affordable price.

Customers rate SCL Rotterdam with a 9.2

Do you have a specific Mercedes-Benz old-timer in mind and you want to import the car to the Netherlands or another country in Europe? SCL Rotterdam has extensive experience importing old timers. Do you want to import a model of the Mercedes-Benz Q107 series or another classic model? We would gladly assist.

The W107 series includes several classic Mercedes-Benz models which are popular with car enthusiasts. The German car manufacturer originally produced these series for the North American market. The W107 series was in production from 1971 to 1989, making it the longest produced model apart from the G-series.

Purchase inspection old-timer

There is a large collection of old timers in the United States. The cars are in excellent state, especially in the warm and dry areas. Are you eyeing a specific old timer, but you don’t have the opportunity to go see it in the US or another country? SCL offers purchase inspection, giving you the opportunity to have the car thoroughly inspected. This ensures you of the quality of your old timer.

Assistance with transport and customs

When importing a Mercedes-Benz old timer, a lot of guidelines are involved. SCL would gladly take over some of the steps in the import process, like transport and customs clearance. The advantages of SCL Rotterdam as Mercedes-Benz old timer importer:

  • Custom full service;

  • Long-term experience with import from abroad;

  • Professional purchase guidance;

  • Our own depots for unloading and storage;

  • Modifications in SCL workshop;

  • Personalized advice by specialists.

Old-timer models by Mercedes-Benz

The W107-series is better known as the R107 (roadster models) and C107 (coupé models). The production of the W107 started in 1971 with the 350SL(C) models. The 450SL(C) was produced a year later for the American market, in order to meet the stricter exhaust standards This model had a 4.5-liter V8 engine and was only available on the European market in 1973.

The W107 expanded for years after. The Mercedes-Benz models had a weakness in comparison to other American cars in their market: the engine. This changed after the introduction of the 560SL in 1985. This car had a powerful 5.6-liter V7 engine and was only available on the American, Australian and Japanese market.

After the C107 models were taken out of production in 1981, the R107 series was also taken out of production in 1989. The series was replaced by the R129 models.

Full service

Import a Mercedes-Benz old-timer into the Netherlands? SCL assists in a smooth customs clearance and speeds up the inspection by the Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. We arrange a Dutch license plate, request a European Certificate of Conformity and we calculate the VRT declaration.

SCL Rotterdam is specialized in customized solutions for importing old timers. We will gladly provide you with expert advice on importing your Mercedes-Benz old timer. Feel free to call us and discuss the possibilities, or fill in the contact form.


Step 1: Decide how we are able to help you

SCL specializes in arranging vehicle import. You are able to decide which services to use. Request a free quote to receive an offer and let us know how we are able to support you.

Step 2: Receive a free quote

Providing us with as much information as possible will enable us to calculate the price for shipping your vehicle as specifically as possible. The offer we will send you is entirely free of obligations

Step 3: Expert shipping

Transporting and shipping vehicles require expertise and experience. SCL Rotterdam is part of a worldwide network, offering both container shipments and Ro-Ro shipments. SCL also specializes in customs clearance and ensures your vehicle is delivered swiftly.


SCL moved my car from the USA to Rotterdam and has arranged all matters perfectly, the car arrived in the Netherlands as own estate.
Great service, always considerate and observant resulting in a fast and correctly priced import procedure.

Clients rate SCL Rotterdam with a 9.4

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